The Constructors is a fresh take on city builders that packs immersive construction simulation, and you can wishlist it on Steam now

The Constructors
(Image credit: Ancient Forge)

If you're looking for a city builder with a novel twist, The Constructors from the publisher behind House Flipper embodies all that is great about the genre and fuses it with simulation elements for impressive depth. 

As displayed during the Future Game Show Spring Showcase, The Constructors puts you at the head of a construction company tasked to rebuild Wonderville's crumbling urban landscape. Bring life to the once-thriving city by designing new neighborhoods and hiring contractors to execute your vision, all while handling the clientele's expectations. Whether you play by the rules or cut corners to maximize profits depends on what sort of business owner you want to play as. 

One thing you can expect with The Constructors is a generous helping of depth. Adjusting your designs to the needs of a client isn't just about the grand design or the sort of material you chose to ensure everything looks lush from afar; expect to have sway over the smaller details, like the lightbulbs used in the hallways.

Don't, however, expect to design without consequence. You'll need to balance running a company by looking after your workers and cashing in on units to help gather funds for your next big investment. If you manage to crack the balance by growing a successful company through sustainable urban solutions, you'll find plenty of support among the community for your planet-friendly attitude. If you cut corners, you may pay the price when a group of protesters appear to block the progress of one of your myriad projects.

If you're keen to try The Constructors when it releases this year, the good news is that the barrier to entry regarding PC specs is accessible. The minimum system requirements call for a graphics card with the power of a GeForce GTX 760 or an AMD R9-270X with 4 GB RAM of memory to spare. If you're looking at the recommended system requirements, you'll want a graphics card on the level of the GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 580, with 8 GB RAM good to go on the memory front. One of the few things both sets of requirement recommendations have in common is that they're accessible to the typical gamer, meaning most will be able to jump in and enjoy what The Constructors offers.

If The Constructors sounds like your sort of thing, you can wishlist it on Steam now and follow it on Facebook or a steady slew of updates. If movies are more your scene, though, you can also check out the prologue of the next-generation simulation game Blockbuster.Inc, and, of course, give it a wishlist to keep tabs on what's going on. It's another upcoming gem the team behind The Constructors is helping out with.