5 great shooters to blast into with NVIDIA GeForce NOW

NVIDIA GeForce NOW games
(Image credit: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW continues to provide a quality means of playing the latest PC games without the need to own powerful gaming hardware, and with its new RTX 3080 Membership, GeForce NOW can offer RTX real-time ray tracing and DLSS alongside 1440p/120FPS gameplay and even 4K HDR on NVIDIA SHIELD TV. To take advantage of that visual quality and available speed, we’ve rounded up some of the best shooters ready to stream on GeForce NOW. 

Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Siege gave us an awesome opportunity to hone our combat skills and strategies against the best that human players could challenge us with. Now, we’ve got the chance to fight even more dangerous foes with the aliens we’re going up against in Rainbow Six Extraction. This game really lets us take our skills and tactics from Siege and put them to work in a new, and challenging dynamic. With DLSS support, we can also enjoy smoother gameplay in Extraction.

Battlefield V: Definitive Edition

The epic scale of war in Battlefield V challenges even powerful gaming PCs. Enjoying its incredible, photorealistic graphics with a more modest machine is simply not possible. GeForce NOW makes it possible to jump into the battle with sharp visuals and high framerates on just about any old computer. You can even squad up with your friends on all sorts of devices, from a SHIELD TV to an iPhone and a tablet. Plane, tank, and on-foot combat are all within easy reach.

Far Cry 6

There’s nothing like a giant, Far Cry sandbox to get our FPS on. Far Cry 6 is the latest installment, pitting us against a dictator on the tropical island Yara. There’s a lot to explore and a lot to explode, and the game offers it all up with stunning graphics and DLSS and RTX options. Normally, to make the most of it you’d need an RTX graphics card, but you can just opt for a GeForce NOW membership.

Apex Legends

Sometimes we just want to sweat, and Apex Legends lets us. This game pits us against a ton of enemies in a competitive battle royale. With the games many different characters, their unique abilities, the widely varied map, the roster of weapons, and the high player count that can quickly see a one-on-one duel turn into a free-for-all, combat doesn’t get much more dynamic than this. The game is free, and that’s still true when playing on GeForce NOW. 

Doom Eternal

Few shooters are as pure as Doom Eternal. This game thrusts us right into the face of endless hordes of demons who are simply made to be shot at with all sorts of weapons. Speed and flow are of the essence in this shooter, and being able to max out the framerate is a big plus when playing Doom Eternal. So it doesn’t hurt to have access to a machine that can spit out 120FPS to keep the chaotic dance of rockets, shotguns, chainsaws, and grenades flowing right to the gates of hell and back.

If you’re looking to dive into these games or any of the 1,000+ games available on GeForce NOW, you can sign up on NVIDIA’s site

There’s a free tier of service, but NVIDIA also offers a Priority tier to unlock 1080p/60FPS gameplay and RTX alongside priority access to servers and longer play sessions.

The GeForce NOW 3080 membership delivers the ultimate performance with 1440p/120FPS resolution and 4K HDR on NVIDIA SHIELD TV, with the longest gaming sessions and maximum control over gameplay settings. 

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