Zoo Tycoon 2.0 Cheats

Zoo Tycoon 2.0 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by sbaste Master of all Zoo Tycoons

    Shrink! And Go Fast Too!

    Zoo Guest Mode

    To shrink simply press X while in zoo guest mode. To go fast press Shift in zoo guest mode.

  • PC | Submitted by Zoomaster


    Name the first person to come in your Zoo "DinoMan" and go to the animal adoption section. You will see a number of prehistoric creatures such as Dinosaurs, Pterasaurs, and Plesiasaurs.

  • PC | Submitted by Alex


    Put a cage around the whole perimeter of the park and put the path at the entrance. Put a path through the door and in the cage. Put tons of animals in the cage. As long as your path doesn't end the guests will keep walking through.

  • PC | Submitted by Tee

    More Money

    Hold down shift and the number 4 and the your money will start to raise. Do this be fore you have put in animals because it will break the fence and the animals will eat the people in your zoo.

Zoo Tycoon 2.0 Easter Eggs

  • PC | Submitted by Yugikatchum

    Screaming Globe

    Freeform game selection screen

    Click on the globe and move the mouse left or right really fast. Do this a few times and the globe will scream!