Zendoku - first look

Zendoku attacks come in the form of silly, time-consuming minigames intended to stall your opponent and prevent them from filling in more of the puzzle. Some examples we saw were unrolling a roll of toiletpaper, cutting a string to release a ball, or turning a wheel. We haven't seen the DS version as of yet, but we expect that the stylus and microphone will come in to play. In the DS screens there's one example of using the microphone to blow out candles.

You can also play these minigame stall puzzles in the single player Dojo mode, so that you can practice your technique and improve your time, giving you an advantage during multiplayer battles.

There's also plenty of single player options, including a quest mode with a storyline that progresses as you solve puzzles that gradually increase in difficulty. Although we haven't heard any details yet, each Zendoku character will havehis or herown unique storyline, and you'll be able to unlock more characters as youplay through the quest mode. Classic sudoku (9x9 number grids) will also be available as a single player mode.

Check back with us later, as we'll be sure to update you as soon as we actually get our hands on Zendoku and learn more about the story mode and additional multiplayer features. Until then, hit the Images tab to check out some fresh new screens.