You're in the Movies Cheats

You're in the Movies Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Jobobobobobobo


    Action Ace (30) - Complete all movies in the Action genre
    Athlete (20) - Score maximum points in Log Toss, Bungee Run, and Hula Hula
    Beach Bum (20) - Complete all desert island games
    Beat Master (20) - Score maximum points in Dragon Boat and Funky Monkey
    Bruiser (20) - Beat all the bad guys in Runaway Train and Hitman
    Budding Director (10) - Create a script using director mode
    Carny (20) - Complete all fairground games
    Cater for Most (30) - Make a movie in each of the 5 genres
    City Slicker (20) - Complete all city games
    Classic Cat (30) - Complete all movies in the Classic genre
    Country Kid (20) - Complete all countryside games
    Demolition Dynamo (20) - Knock the wall down in Swing King and dig to the bottom of the screen in Demolition Day
    Disaster Don (30) - Complete all movies in the Disaster genre
    Epic (15) - Make a movie with 4 players
    First Audition (5) - Complete an audition and begin making a movie
    First Class (10) - Play Flight of Fancy and ride in the plane
    Float Like a Butterfly (20) - Complete Play Fight and Fistful of Fun without getting hit
    Frantic Fun (20) - Score maximum points in Shut the Valve and Treasure Trove
    Funky Mover (20) - Score maximum points in Let's Dance and Freestyle Fever
    Generator (20) - Score maximum points in Backstage Bother and Dynamo!
    Going Solo (10) - Make a movie with only 1 player
    Horror Hero (30) - Complete all movies in the Horror genre
    Key Grip (20) - Complete all studio games
    Make a Movie (10) - Complete 1 game session
    Make a Series (25) - Complete 5 game sessions
    Make a Trilogy (20) - Complete 3 game sessions
    Movie Editor (20) - Score maximum points in Film Buff and The Reel Thing
    Obsessed (70) - Complete all 30 original movies
    Punch Bag (20) - Hit the maximum punch 3 times in a row in Punch Out
    Puzzle Master (20) - Score maximum points in Cup and the Pea and Costume Crisis
    Rocketeer (20) - Destroy 20 ships in Rocket Launcher
    Run For Your Life (15) - Don't get caught in both Monkey Run and Tornado Run
    Sci-Fi Star (30) - Complete all movies in the Sci-Fi genre
    Skuse Me (20) - Get 3 balls in a row on Skuseball
    Slippery Eel (15) - Don't get hit in both Knock Knock and Rodeo Rampage
    Sound Engineer (20) - Score maximum points in Sound Off and Ding Dong
    Spiritual Bliss (20) - Score maximum points in Stone Master and Free Your Mind
    Sting Like a Bee (20) - Hit all the pads in Contender
    Strength Challenge (20) - Knock the bell off in Strongman
    Team Player (35) - Complete all 2 player games in 2 player mode
    Totally Obsessed (100) - Complete all 30 original movies in 4 player mode
    Triathlon (20) - Score maximum points in Marathon Man, Stuntman and Piranha Panic
    Zen Master (20) - Complete all dojo games