Yoshi's Island DS Cheats

Yoshi's Island DS Hints

  • DS | Submitted by indestructable yoshi

    Bosses on Worlds 1-4


    1. This boss is just two guys and there are two holes on each side of the battlefield duck to dodge the bosses attacks and whenever possible come out of the hole and shoot an egg at him repeat this until he dies. press down to duck.

    2. Just eat and throw eggs at the guy until all the balloons on him have gone.eat balloons to get food and make eggs.

    3. Just dodge him and shoot eggs at him.he makes a hole in the battlefield every time you hit him.repeat until dead.

    4. This guy's a plant hanging from the ceiling and you've got to push a chain cop rock and stay on top of it then he'll drop down to eat you so jump away and he'll crack his teeth and go back up with his mouth open so shoot an egg in his mouth.repeat this until dead.

    5. A big fish! wait till he goes really high then when he's coming down shoot an egg into his mouth. Repeat until dead.

    6. He'll spit bombs out so jump on to a platform then to another and he'll jump up to eat you so when he's in the air shoot an egg at him. Repeat until dead.

    7. There's a four platformed wheel to spin the guy around and you've got to shoot the face that is not red so spin him around until the face that's not red is at the bottom then shoot an egg at the face that's not red.

    8. He's on stilts but change to bowser before you go in and shoot fireballs at his feet until he falls in lava then ground pound on his head while he is in the lava.to do a ground pound jump and press down whilst in mid air. Repeat until dead.