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Xbox Series X restock - if the console goes on sale again this week, it'll probably be at these stores

Xbox Series X restock
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It's been a quiet few days for Xbox Series X restock deals (unless you live in the UK, that is - it's already popped up at Amazon and Smyths today, so keep an eye on the likes of Game in case they're next). However, that could change soon. Thursday is typically the busiest day of the week for console drops, so it's a good idea to be on high alert this afternoon.

Walmart is a contender for an Xbox Series X restock because of its track-record. Alright, so that's hardly a smoking gun. But it traditionally drops on a Thursday (apart from a random Wednesday back in August) and offers the console every other week on average, so there's a fair chance it may throw some stock our way later on. It's far from a sure bet, but thanks to Walmart being pretty consistent with its Xbox Series X restocks, this is probably our strongest chance.

Microsoft is another possibility for a surprise Xbox Series X restock. Although it had a drop last Thursday, we've seen stranger things happen than a retailer dropping two weeks in a row. Wishful thinking? Almost certainly, but at this point we'll take whatever we can get.

Best Buy could be in for an Xbox Series X restock as well, but we're less confident about that one. It hasn't sold the console in approximately forever (well, July) so is super overdue. Why the holdup? No idea, but hopefully they'll rejoin the party soon.

GameStop is our final possibility. It had Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X pre-orders recently and has vaguely suggested that a drop could-maybe-possibly be on the way, so we'd watch out for it just in case. Oh, and be sure to sign up to its PowerUp Pro rewards system; that'll give you access to an Xbox Series X restock before anyone else, and you receive a heads-up ahead of time. How polite.

Is Amazon going to join the Xbox Series X restock party? Probably not. We wouldn't count on it, anyway. Much like its PS5 restock deals, the site is beyond unpredictable and never sticks to a pattern unless you're based in the UK (in which case it consistently drops mid-week before 9am BST).

Previous Xbox Series X restock dates at retailers

Xbox Series X restocks: hints and tips

Xbox Series X restock

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1. Be patient - stock releases in waves

It sounds obvious, but don't give up if Xbox Series X stock seems to sell out right away. Retailers usually release stock in drips and drabs, so keep refreshing the page and be ready to pounce. You might get another chance before long.

2. Sign in and get your payment details ready

The weight of traffic can make sites buckle, slow down, and glitch at the most inconvenient times, so getting through to checkout as quickly as possible is always a good idea. Signing in ahead of time and having your payment details to hand helps with this no end. The longer you take, the more likely you are to hit an issue - at which point the console has probably sold out. We can say from experience that this sucks in a big way.

3. Prioritize bundles

Consoles on their own are usually gone the fastest, so make a beeline for bundles with the best Xbox Series X accessories or best Xbox Series X games instead. These commonly hang around for longer, giving you more of a chance of securing an Xbox Series X restock.

4. Don't pay more than the standard price (unless it's a bundle)

Look, we get it - it's tempting to take eBay offers that are selling the console at an inflated price. But it's not worth your money. Besides being mega-dodgy and a possible detour into scams-ville (which is guaranteed if you're buying off a Twitter user), you'll get another opportunity to secure the Series X from legitimate retailers soon. Xbox Series X restock chances pop up once a week at a minimum, so your time will come. As such, there's no need to pay more than the standard price of $499.99 in the USA or £449.99 in the UK if you're getting the console by itself.

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Check for Xbox Series X restock chances today

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