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Xbox One is enabling cross-network multiplayer, if PS4 wants to join in

Microsoft is enabling cross-network multiplayer for Xbox Live, meaning you could face off against PS4 players on Xbox One in online games like Rocket League... if Sony decides to go along with it. The change will also open up the possibility of online multiplayer with non-Microsoft networks like Steam on PC.

Cross-network play has happened before in fits and starts: Shadowrun let players on PC and Xbox 360 face off way back in 2007, and games like the late Fable Legends planned to allow for Windows 10/Xbox One multiplayer. Starting with Rocket League, which was confirmed as one of the first games to support it, this could signal a new era in cross-platform cohesion for developers outside of Microsoft.

It's great news if you have friends across multiple platforms, or if you just want a wider matchmaking pool. But again, it will only work if Sony and other companies decide to enable cross-network play on their end. Now that Microsoft's made the first move, hopefully the others decide to follow.

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Connor Sheridan
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