World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks Cheats

World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Use the following steps to create your own password. First, select the base password for the desired level:

    Level Password
    Cape Canaveral _BB_BCBBB
    Ginza* _BB_BDBBB
    Sicily* _BB_BDBBB
    Detroit _BB_BFBBB
    Greece _BB_BGBBB
    Monaco _BB_BHBBB
    Red Square _BB_BJBBB
    St. Petersburg _BB_BKBBB
    Rome _BB_BLBBB
    Castle Mendheim* _BB_BMBBB
    Atlantis* _BB_BMBBB

    Use one of the following values for the first _ in the code above

    Easy Normal Hard
    H K M
    B* D* G* Ginza
    V* X* Z* Sicily
    P R T
    S V X
    M P R
    G J L
    Z C F
    D G J
    X* Z* C* Castle Mendheim
    R* T* W* Atlantis

    Use one of the values below in the second _ in the code
    Tank Letter
    M1A3 V or B
    FLP-E W or C
    Rhino X or D
    Titan Y or F
    Marauder Z or G
    Dragon fly H
    Wraith J
    Manticore K
    Scorcher L

    For example, to play on the Atlantis level under the hard difficulty setting with the Rhino, enter "WBBFBMBBB" as a password. To play on the same level and difficulty setting with the Wraith, enter "WBBJBMBBB" as a password.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level Codes

    1 9hw#h2
    2 #v-zvg
    3 qxczx2

  • GBA | Submitted by Cody Broom

    (The first two levels) Dragonfly Level Codes

    Level 1 beaten
    Level 2 beaten

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Annihilator's Level Missions

    LQ51SB: Start at Military area
    D#3ZQ9: start at Industrial area
    +Y84V!: Start at Italy area
    GQ62TC: Start at Japan area
    LVG7YH: Start at Ice area
    JT85WF: Start at Atlantis area