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Wolfenstein: The New Order letters, gold, and health locations guide

Chapter 6: London Nautica 

Gold Statue Plate:
At the start of the chapter, once the statue has fallen over, hop on the car beside the base of the statue and then hop over to the platform the statue was standing on. The gold plaque will be lying there.

Health 1:
As soon as you enter the Nautica building, go to the small office on the left side as the swarm of enemies enter the large room and the health statue will be in the safe there.

Gold Carafe:
In the same area where you fought the large group of enemies and the large robot, look on the right side in the centre of the area to find this in a case.

Gold Knife:
Head up the stairs on the left side of the first large area, where you got the carafe and make a right, through the buffet area and on through the kitchen in the back. At the far end, you can climb up through a hatch and follow the vent system around until you come to the knife at the end.

Gold Pocket Flask:
Once you have the LaserKraftWerk, exit the lab and climb up the ladder you come to. Once at the top, turn around and cut through the panel there and enter the vent.

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