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Wolfenstein: The New Order letters, gold, and health locations guide

Chapter 13: Lunar Base 

Gold Cane:
As soon as you go through the x-ray machine, hop on the conveyor belt to the right and crawl through to the next room. Look for the cane on the right side.

Gold Face Mask:
Once you reach the circular room in section B, go to the lower level and you can find this on a small table.

Dieter’s Letter:
In the same circular room as the face mask, look for this letter on a desk on the upper level in a side room to the south.

Gold Meteor Rock:
When you get out to the moon’s surface, take the path to the left and at the first chance to go left, hop down and this will be there glowing for you.

Health 1:
When you enter Decontamination Block D-7, near the end of the chapter, look for the safe on the upper platform and pop it open to grab the statue.

Gold Bottle:
In the room after you go down the escalator on your way to escape, look behind the red bag on the right side to find this item there.

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