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Wolfenstein: The New Order letters, gold, and health locations guide

Chapter 12: Gibraltar Bridge 

Gold Army Man:
When you enter the train car by walking up a steel girder, you will come out to an open area where you will get attacked by a group of enemies in a train car across from you. Take them out and then go to the right of that train car to get behind it. There you will find the item on the ground.

Gold Compass:
Enter the train car you went behind to get the army man and when you get on the roof of it, go across the beam to the next train car. Cut a hole in the fence there and then go across the boxes to the left to find the compass up there.

Gold Rabbit:
When you come across the two soldiers trying to get the metal slab off the Ubersoldier, there will be some containers on the left side, with another enemy coming out of the one labelled 4. Enter it after you deal with him and the rabbit will be inside.

Health 1:
At the end of the chapter, you will enter a small office on the right after hopping off the helicopter. Pop open the safe there to get this.

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