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Wolfenstein: The New Order Enigma code locations guide

Chapter 6: London Nautica 

2:4: At the start of the chapter when the statue collapses, go to the far right and up along the wall to find a dead body in the rubble. On the other side of his head will be the code piece.

2:5: Once pass the Panzerhund and the few enemies, you will come to a large robot that will pop up out of the rubble. Destroy it and then look for this code piece against the brick wall to the right side of a flame jet that is shooting upwards.

2:6: As soon as you enter the Nautica building, go to the small office on the left side as the swarm of enemies enter the large room and the code will be on the chair.

2:7: When you reach the Moon Dome, go all the way to the top, enter the control room there and the code piece will be on the control panel.

2:8: When you enter the lab after making the elevator fall, you can find this code piece sitting on a counter to the west side.

2:9: When you enter the helipad area, go up the stairs on the right side and enter the small room there labelled with a 3. Behind a bank of computer terminals in the right corner will be the code piece on the ground.

7:1: Below the southwestern helipad, you can find this code piece sitting on top of some wooden crates.

7:2: At the end of the chapter, you will need to enter a control room. When you do, grab the code piece off the centre desk before hitting the switches.

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