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Wolfenstein: The New Order Enigma code locations guide

Chapter 4: Einswald Prison 

8:7: After you hop across the rooftop and enter the next building, you will enter a room around the corner with a bunch of guards that attack. Deal with them and then on the right side, in the corner, grab the files on top of the cabinet. Take the files to the other cabinets where the marker tells you and then they will split apart. Go into the opening and grab the code from the briefcase on the desk.

8:8: After you hop across the rooftop and enter the next building, you will pass through a room with a bunch of guards that attack and then continue on down a long hallway with an office at the end. Enter it and kill the commander inside and then grab this off the desk.

2:1: When you reach the prison and climb through the pipe, a large Panzerhund will begin to chase you. For you to escape, you need to slide under a pipe and then then use the laser cutter on a chain to fall down. Once you land, use the laser cutter on the fence to the side and then drop down. Walk through the corridor a couple steps and you will come to a pile of armour and set of stairs with the code on them.

8:9: Once you climb the ladder from the previous code, you will enter a bathroom. Leave it and continue down the hallway and past the dog. Go left and enter the room there. Go to the far left and then forward to find the commander sitting there. Take him out and grab the code off the desk.

2:2: Once you have escaped the Cell Block and run back through the area you passed earlier with the wall camera/turrets, go in to the centre of the room where you need to lay down a suppressive fire and the code will be on the desk there.

2:3: Just after the previous code piece, run up the stairs to the hallway that is full of enemies and continue to the next set of stairs at the far end. When you go up, enter the first room and on the desk to the left will be the code piece.

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