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Wolfenstein: The New Order Enigma code locations guide

Chapter 3: A New World 

1:9: Just after the mission starts, take a few steps forward and you will see a blue pipe in the ground. Run and slide to enter it and when you pop out the other side, the code will be in the corner to the right.

8:1: At the rear of the east section, look on the small building there to see this code stuck against the wall.

8:2: When you reach the top section of the east side after crossing over the narrow bridge, enter the office there where the Commander is to find this code in the back corner.

8:3: Once you move up in the car, go through the door that opens and then enter the door on the right. To the right of the door in the small room will be the code.

8:4: Once you reach the control room to open the checkpoint platform, go to the left side of the room to find the green lockers. Look for the open one beside the boxes and inside will be the code.

8:5: Just past the control room to lift the checkpoint platform will be a garage. Head inside and look inside the car to find the code on the passenger seat.

8:6: After you clear out the west section, enter the commanders room on the left side and the code will be on the radio equipment in the far corner.

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