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Wolfenstein: The New Order Enigma code locations guide

Chapter 13: Lunar Base 

4:5: When you are on the hunt for the space suit, go down the first set of stairs after the large fight, and enter the bunk with the sleeping commander. After you deal with him, look in the washroom and the code will be on the toilet.

4:6: After you exit the red vents, go to the rooms across from you and in the far left room will be the code on a lower shelf.

4:7: When you drop out of the vent after the large circular room, go straight forward and look to the right to see this code piece on the right in the centre room.

4:8: After the cutscene where BJ takes off his tattoo, go straightforward into the yellow glowing room across from you and the code will be on the table there.

4:9: After you take the elevator up to the another circular room, go up two ramps to the third floor and then make a right. Keep going until you come across this code piece sitting on the white container.

5:1: When you reach this circular room in Decontamination Block D-7, look for this code on the far side of the round table.

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