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Wolfenstein: The New Order Enigma code locations guide

Chapter 12: Gibraltar Bridge 

6:6: After you enter the second train car, exit it and go to the right. Follow the side of it and you will come across this body hanging out of the window. Cut the chain on the wrist and the case will fall open to reveal the code.

6:7: When you come to the bridge with the pile of rocks just after the previous code piece, hop over to it and then go left. Enter the door way in the left side and head up the stairs and it will be on the ground at the top.

6:8: from the previous code piece, hop down to the train you were just on and run back up the train car. On the other side, go down and enter the train car at the bottom through the opening in the top. Go to the far end and then crouch and go back the same way to find the code piece at the end of the car.

6:9: When you exit the train car of the previous code piece, go to the next train car, but look to the left of it before you enter it to find the code.

4:1: After the previous code piece, enter the next train car by walking up the girder and once inside, the code will be on the ground to the left by the large opening in the wall of the train car.

4:2: When you come across the two soldiers trying to get the metal slab off the Ubersoldier, there will be some containers on the left side. This code is up above that container and can take a bit to get to. In the middle of the area there will be a white ramp of broken rock on the right side. Follow it back to where you came from and hop over to the right onto the container. Cross the beam on the right and then go to the next and up it. Go to the right and then down the next to come to a platform. The code will be to the left on it.

4:3: Once you make your way past the group of enemies just past the containers, enter the building on the right side and take the stairs up to the top. Hop over the railing to the platform where the turret is and then use the laser cutter on the panel on the floor.

4:4: Once you hop off the helicopter, enter the small office on the right and the code will be on top of the safe.

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