The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


Bitter Harvest

Requirement: Begin "Fake Papers." | Suggested Level: 9

After agreeing to help Albin, several rounds of Ghouls will attack the immediate area. Fend them off to finish this quick quest.

The Things Men Do for Coin

Requirement: None | Suggested Level: 12

There's an Undiscovered Location in the marsh west of the Pontar. Head there to find a corpse holding a mysterious key and a letter. Read the letter to create a search area nearby. Head there and use your Witcher Sense - mind the Nekkers! - to find a chest underneath a collapsed wooden structure. Use the key you found to loot the treasure inside.

Tough Luck

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: 18

Southeast of the Devil's Pit marker is an Undiscovered Location, a Hidden Treasure identified by an overturned cart. Examine the bodies there to collect a small key and a letter. Then, simply read the letter you found. That's it.

Hidden from the World

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: 7

Head east from the Marauder's Bridge marker to find a Bandit Camp marked as an Undiscovered Location. The loot here is a letter - read it to learn of another treasure. Head to your new marker to the south. This will lead you to another loot chest atop a hill. Raid it to finish the quest.

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