The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


Wild At Heart

Requirement: None | Suggested Level: 7

You can receive this quest from the Notice Board in Mulbrydale, just west of the Hanged Man's Tree. Step one is to ride far southwest to meet Niellen in Blackbough. He'll tell you of his missing wife.

Step two is to talk to some townsfolk - you'll start to get the bigger picture as you do. Once you're done, ride north for the marker in the woods. Use Witcher Sense to track down the wolf pack. Slay them, and Hannah's sister will appear in the woods with you. You can accept Hannah's disappearance now or continue to search.

If you continue the search, keep your Vision up and follow the red tracks in the area to a small shack with a mysterious cave underneath. Use Aard to get through the door, and wait in the tunnel for nightfall. The Werewolf and his pack will show up. Defeat the boss and his lackeys to start one last cut scene. You can then choose to let Hannah's sister die or finish off the beast, but either choice will finally complete this quest.

Funeral Pyres

Requirement: None | Suggested Level: 3

Just west of Mulbrydale is a Priest of Eternal Fire, who asks you to burn some corpses lest they be used for dark magic. There are three piles of bodies in the surrounding area, marked on the map - you can even save a fisstech dealer from some ghouls along the way. Douse them in oil, then use Igni to set them ablaze.

Once they've all been taken care of, return to the Priest. You can accept regular payment or take a bribe for your work, but the quest will wrap up either way.

Thou Shalt Not Pass

Requirement: None, but may require completing "Fake Papers," "Family Matters," or "Woodland Beast" to finish. | Suggested Level: 7

To start this quest, head to the Pontar - it's the large river crossing northwest of the Hanged Man's Tree (any gate guarded by Redanian soldiers will also trigger this). You'll need a pass for the officials to let you through. To get the pass, you'll have to complete "Fake Papers," found nearby. Once completed, return to the gate with your counterfeit pass to proceed forward and finish the quest.

Fake Papers

Requirement: None, but requires completing "Bitter Harvest" to finish. | Suggested: N/A

There's a Shady Merchant near the Pontar, shown on the map with a Quest Marker. To get a fake pass from him, you can pay 100 crowns, use Axii with Delusion Level 1, or help the Merchant's brother-in-law Albin. We'll go with the last option.

Head just west to find Albin fighting off a pair of Ghouls. Take them out and talk to him to start another quest, "Bitter Harvest." Once you've completed it, return to the Shady Merchant to purchase the counterfeit pass for a special price.

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