The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


Gwent: Big City Players

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: N/A

There's Gwent to be played in the city, and you can learn about some of the best players from the Notice Board in Harborside. Your first opponent is the banker Vimm Vivaldi. Best him, and he'll tell you about Marquise Serenity in Passiflora. Head there and to play her as well.

During the main quest "Get Junior," you'll encounter Dijkstra. Beat him at Gwent, and he'll tell you of a band of elves outside the city who also play. Head there and beat the Gwent-playing merchant to finish this quest.

Black Pearl

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: 13

Right outside the Golden Sturgeon in Harborside is a man named Nidas, who's on a quest to find a rare black pearl for his beloved. Problem is, the one he's searching for is in Skellige. Agree to help to begin this quest.

To continue, you'll have to go all the way to the large archipelago attached to the main island in Skellige (yes, it might be a while) and meet Nidas at the broken bridge marked on your map. Follow him to the water's edge, and he'll ask you to dive in and search for the all-important pearl.

Swim out to the search area and loot the shells on the ocean floor - you'll also run into a pair of sirens. Once you find the treasure, return to shore. Take out the drowners harassing Nidas and give him the pearl you found. Return to Novigrad and meet him in the Golden Sturgeon for a proper reward.

Out On Your Arse!

Prerequisite: Complete "Novigrad Dreaming." | Suggested Level: 14

Check by Crippled Kate's (by Harborside and the fish market) to find one of the strumpets outside, crying. She'll tell you that Skelligers have taken over the brothel. You can get rid of them by either fighting or convincing them with Axii. Either way, return to the strumpet once you've cleared out the place to finish the quest.

Warehouse of Woe

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: 13

You can find a merchant and a dwarf arguing with a solider in the southwestern-most back alley in Harborside. Butt in to learn that some creature us haunting the merchant's warehouse. Enter the building in question - it's right in front of you - to find a lone nekker. Slay it and report back to finish this quick quest.

Reason of State

Prerequisite: Complete "A Deadly Plot" and begin "Final Preparations." | Suggested Level: 30

While rescuing Philippa from the bathhouse, Geralt will update Dijkstra on King Radovid. Meet him in a warehouse near Novigrad Docks to discuss further assassination plans; he needs you to lure the king into a trap. When you leave, Philippa will give you a ring that'll make Dijkstra's plan go more smoothly.

Radovid's ship is docked in the city, so head to the docks and speak to the soldier to board. After a cut scene, you'll find yourself in a battle with the king's men. Take them out, then follow Roche to the end of the bridge, taking out the horde of soldiers along the way. When you make it there, the king will die. After a cut scene, you'll have one last choice to let Roche die or fight for his freedom. Either way, blood will spill and the quest will end.

Contract: The Apiarian Phantom

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: 14

You can get this contract from the Notice Board in Yantra. Head to the lovely Honeyfill Meadworks to the south and speak to Holofernus Meiersdorf to learn about some creature that's been plaguing his beehives. Two of Holofernus' sons will take you the site, so tag along with them.

When you reach the hive, you'll also find some tracks. Follow them to the lake, then head around the perimeter clockwise; the tracks will pick up near a group of Drowners. This time, they will lead you to an abandoned build site. You won't be able to get through the locked cellar door where the tracks lead, but Holofernus' sons can let you in.

Inside, you'll find the phantom: a Hound of the Wild Hunt. This guy can be tough to take down, but Igni and Axii will definitely help. Once you've won, loot the corpse and return to Holofernus for your reward.

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