The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


Contract: Shrieker

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: 8

You can grab this contract from the Crow's Perch Notice Board. When you do, head to the marker town and talk to Chet to learn about a "shrieker" that's plaguing the area. Talk to some locals to learn more if you wish, then head to your new marker to investigate the attack scene.

Use your Witcher Senses to find some tracks and a blood trail at the site. Follow these to reach the Burned Ruins. Find the entrance and head inside to locate the shrieker, a Cockatrice, in its nest Use a bomb to drive it out of the cave, then head outside.

When you spot the Cockatrice, chase after it until it swoops down to do battle. Now you must slay this bird-beast. Watch for its wide wing swipes, and use Aard when possible - it works particularly well here. After the battle, return to Chet for a reward.

Master Armorers

Prerequisite: None, but requires "The Griffin from the Highlands" to complete. | Suggested Level: 24

Start this quest by talking to Ferus Graem, the Baron's blacksmith, about armorers. His sidekick will tell you of a master located in Skellige, and you'll receive a marker on that part of your map.

When you finally reach Skellige, you'll need to head to Undvik, the main southwestern isle. Your quest marker will lead you to the southernmost building, an abandoned forge. Check the cave nearby to encounter a rather aggressive rock troll. Take him out, then check the chest in his cave for some smithing tools.

Return these to Fergus to learn that his partner Yoana is the real maser here. She'll need a special acid to forge your new set of armor though. This will unlock a new contract, "The Griffin from the Highlands" on the nearby notice board. Loot the acid gland from the archgriffin in the quest, and return it to Yoana to have her craft a master set of armor. Return to her after a day to pick it up and complete the quest.

Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands

Prerequisite: Begin "Master Armorers." | Suggested Level: 24

The acid Yoana needs comes from the rare archgriffin. Luckily, a new notice will appear on the board in Crow's Perch that'll lead you to one. Head to the search area and use your Witcher Senses to find a corpse and some griffin tracks.

Follow these to encounter the archgriffin on a hill nearby. The fight shouldn’t be too tough, but Grapeshot, Hybrid Oil, and Aard will help if you need them. Once you're victorious, speak to the quartermaster in Crow's Perch for a reward.

Defender of the Faith

Prerequisite: Begin "Family Matters." | Suggested Level: 10

You can start this quest by talking to the marked peasant on the road from Crow's Perch to Blackbough. Agree to help with her problem, and Geralt will fix a nearby shrine in a cut scene. Now you must fix two other shrines: one is due east of the Condyle marker, the other southwest of the Fyke Isle marker. Head to these spots (marked on the map, of course) and repair the remaining shrines. When you reach the second, you'll have to kill the vandals to actually complete the quest.

Forefather's Eve

Prerequisite: Complete "Family Matters." | Suggested Level: 7

As you wrap up "Family Matters," the Pellar will come to you with a request for help. Agree, then meet him at the amphitheater on Fyke Isle at midnight. As he conducts a ceremony, you'll have to protect the participants.

Take out the Drowners and Water Hags that walk ashore, and a cut scene will play. After that, you'll need to slay some Witch Hunters. Finally, you'll have to take out a round of wraiths. After this, you'll need to settle the spirit of the Pellar's father.

For this, you'll have to head to your new marker, way over to the east near the Orphans of Crookback Bog marker. Use your Witcher Senses to find a body in the search area, then burn the corpse with Igni. Visit the Pellar in his home near Blackbough to finish this quest.

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