What does Team Fortress 2's Pyroland look like?

If you log into Team Fortress 2 (which, by the way, is free-to-play) before July 5th, you'll be rewarded with a pair of Pyrovision Goggles. Strapping these on will change the textures in every single map, effectively putting you inside the Pyro's crazed mind. On top of the dreamy skybox, pink motifs, and lollipops littering the ground, you'll also hear your enemies giggle in high-pitched squeaks instead of screaming in pain while you burn them. Check out the difference between the "real" world and the Pyro's hallucinations:

This update has done wonders for our whimsy factor while vying for control of 2Fort. For more magical candy lands, check out Diablo III's Whimsyshire.