We're playing Super Street Fighter IV - come fight us!

Idle thumbs end up in weird places, so put those fleshy click sticks to use by playing Super Street Fighter IV with us at 5:30 p.m. PST today. It'll be fun! (PROTIP: That's 8:30 EST, because the east is closer to the future.)

We're playing on both 360 and PS3, because we aren't teh bias. On XBL, add GamesRadarCore and on PSN, it's GamesRadar1. Oh and, Ken you believe this? As Ryusual, we're streaming the wholduken thing live on uStream!

Watch in the embedded player above, or, if the internet breaks and that doesn't work, head to our uStream channel. If you want to send us suggestions, taunts, or some better puns, check the chat box below!

May 21, 2010