Weekend Link-A-Mania

Tom Baker, Gotham , books, Neil Gaiman, conventions, Silver Surfer, Bikini Girls Vs Dinosaurs ... THIS IS THE NEWS

• "Comics Unmasked" is the new exhibition coming to the British Library ! Featuring names such as Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, the august institution aims to trace the British comics tradition back through classic 1970s titles including 2000 AD to 19th-century illustrated reports of Jack the Ripper and beyond.

• Classic Doctor Who will soon be screened on the Horror Channel , and Tom Baker couldn't be happier apparently. "Horror is my very favourite genre," claims the Fourth Doctor. "I am thrilled the classic Doctor Who series have been picked up by the Horror Channel. There was clearly a darker edge to my storylines, which I think brought a new dimension to the series." Thirty stories will be broadcast starting on Friday 18 April with "An Unearthly Child."

• If you're preparing yourself for the return of Game Of Thrones next month, you could do worse than read our feature about it in the latest SFX Special Edition, which is a celebration of epic fantasy. It's out now (in print and digital ) and you can expect Lord Of The Rings , Joe Abercrombie and the like too.

• And if books are your thing, remember to enter our zombie short story writing competition , which will be judged by top author Darren Shan!

• We love local comic and SF conventions, so here's an update from Melksham Comic Con. After two hugely successful years, it's expanding to fill a whole weekend (and an extra venue) in order to bring comics fans the best selection of panels, workshops and exhibitors possible. In order to make the event as good as it can be, the organisers are running a Kickstarter campaign, with pledge rewards including convention tickets, merchandise, art prints and more. The campaign has just two more weeks to go, so hurry over to its fundraising page to find out more about the event and to contribute.

• Independent British fun flick Bikini Girls Vs Dinosaurs: The Movie is happening, and here is the trailer (opens in new tab) . It's out on Amazon very soon, from the gang behind On The Shoulders Of Giants .

• And finally, the latest issue of Comic Review is available for download now with the Silver Surfer on the cover. Remember our chums on Comic Heroes mag also produce this weekly iPad/iPhone mag and it's just 99p (or free if you already get Comic Heroes via Apple Newsstand ).