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Weekend Link-A-Mania

Today's news: Kate O'Mara, Green Goblin, Scarlett Johansson, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and more

• Kate O'Mara, the actress who played The Rani in Doctor Who , has died aged 74 . "A shining star has gone out," said her agent . She had a number of roles in cult TV shows over the years including The Avengers and The Saint . Our sympathies are with her family, friends and fans.

Kate O'Mara

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• And sadly artist David A Rampier, the man who drew the iconic illustrations in early Dungeons & Dragons books, including the cover of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons , has died aged 59 .

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland has been cancelled. The spin-off from AMC's Once Upon A Time will not be coming back next season. According to Entertainment Weekly , the show struggled throughout its run at 8pm on Thursday nights. Once Upon A Time itself, a Sunday night flagship series, is expected to continue. ( Story via io9 .)

• If for some reason you don't already think there's been way too many The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers and features, here's one released over the weekend that features the Green Goblin cackling (at about one minute and 10 seconds in).

Here's the first picture of Scarlett Johansson as a young woman who gets "hyperpowered ass-kicking abilities" thanks to experimental drugs in Luc Besson's Lucy , expected on 8 August.

• Darren Shan! Zombies! Writing competition !

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