Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Whedon X-Men Preview pic
Comic Book Resources has been given exclusive John Cassaday artwork from the upcoming Joss Whedon scripted Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men #1, due out late May. The issue, which will also contain a Joss Whedon interview, is the final of Whedon and Cassaday's collaboration on the X-Men. Visit the site to see the image in all its large-scale glory.

Wolverine Movie More Like Dark Knight
Wolverine star Hugh Jackman tells MTV that the movie may have a more hard-edged feel than the X-Men movies it’s spinning off from. “Tonally, I would put it more in the ‘ Batman Begins’ sort of realm,” says Jackman. It's only a matter of time before someone uses the phrase, "darker and grittier".

New Hulk pics
There are a few new Hulk pics on Yahoo Movies but don’t get too excited – they still make the move look like a Street Fighter video game.