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Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Goyer Becomes Sole Flashforward Showrunner
Co-showrunner/executive producer Marc Guggenheim is leaving FlashForward, placing David Goyer is sole charge of running the show, reports The Hollywood Reporter . Guggenhiem, who had showrunning experience on programmes like Eli Stone, was brought in to help Goyer with the day-to-day running of the show, because Goyer's background was more in the movies (although Goyer did help on Blade The Series… but he may have left that off his CV).

Will Twilight 2 Director Handle Twilight 4?
In a Hollywood Reporter interview, Twilight: New Moon director Chris Weitz has this to say about the rumours that he has been asked to come back to direct the fourth and final movie, Breaking Dawn: "No official offer has been made. The fans have been enthusiastic about the footage and the trailer, and the studio responds to that by feeling good about me. We'll have to see how people feel about the entire movie, not only the studio but the fans, before the verdict is out whether I direct number four. David Slade is doing a great job on the third film, and by the time that comes out, he'll be the flavour of the moment."

Optimus Prime Versus The FX Team
And the FX team win, in this clips from a feature on the DVD release:

Who’s Not Returning To Lost?
According to E! Online one former member of the Lost cast has turned down an invitation to reappear in season six, though the article doesn’t reveal who.