Wednesday Link-a-Mania

24 Minutes of Avatar Shown In Amsterdam
Various sites, including Coming Soon are reporting on a 24 minute preview of James Cameron’s Avatar, and the general opinion seems to be this is the first film in which 3d is more than just a gimmick. The preview was shown at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam on Tuesday as part of a Fox showcase, and showed actors such as Sam Worthington (who plays wheelchair bound Jake Sully), Stephen Lang (Colonel Quaritch), Sigourney Weaver (Dr Grace Augustine) and Joel Moore (Norm Spellman) in action as well as the alien avatar creatures. The verdict is a thumb’s up: "Overall I was really impressed by what I saw. The effects are in a league of their own. After some disappointing or even pointless 3-D movies, "Avatar" maybe the first movie where 3-D is properly utilised."

90210 Actress Joins Fringe
Meghan Markle, who appeared in the revamped 90210, is joining the cast of Fringe as a recurring character in season two, according to The Hollywood Reporter . She will play an attractive, brash and quick-witted junior FBI agent.

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