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Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Aussie K9 Revealed
Outpost Gallifrey has the first pic of the new, redesigned K9 on the set of the spin-off series that is currently being made in Australia. It looks suspiciously like the Dyson model to us. Official pics are to be unveiled later this month.

Spanish X-Ray Eyes
28 Weeks Later director, Spaniard Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, has signed up to direct a remake of the Roger Corman classic The Man With The X-Ray Eyes, reports Variety .

Chariot Of The Gods Goes Sci Fi
Eric Von Daniken’s notorious 1968 books Chariot of the Gods, in which he argued that ancient civilisations were visited by aliens who helped human development, is to turned into an SF movie, reports Variety . The film is being developed by Paradox Pictures, which is also currently working on the Conan reboot.

Third Twilight Movie Director Rumours
According to The Hollywood Reporter the third Twilight movie, Eclipse, could be directed by Orphanage helmer Juan Antonio Bayona. Blimey, if that’s true, those teeny goths could be in for a rude awakening.