Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Supervillains Take Centre Stage
Universal is to produce a big screen version of an upcoming graphic novel called villains, which puts the bad guys in the spotlight, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The Viper graphic novel, by Adam Cogan and Ryan Cody follows a young man who is failing at life and finds purpose when he meets a Svengali-style villain who takes him under his wing.

Beckinsale Done With Vampires
Kate Beckinsale tells Coming Soon that she doesn’t think she’ll be appearing in any further Underworld movies. The British star doesn’t feature in the upcoming prequel, Rise of the Lycans, and while she thinks her husband, Len Wiseman – who directed the first two movies and co-wrote and produced the prequel – may carry on with the series, she won’t be involved: "I think they're still going, they probably will. I'm not sure I will. I feel like I've played that character enough times that I don't think I'd be excited to play the same character again. It's a weird experience. I've never done that before, you're playing the same character in two movies, and after two, I feel like I'm kind of done with that."

Whedon Comes Clean About Dollhouse Pilot
Joss Whedon reveals all about why the original Dollhouse pilot was scrapped on Whedonesque .

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