Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Bond Not Thor
Daniel Craig has told IESB that he was offered the role of Thor in the upcoming Kenneth Brannagh-directed movie, but turned it down.

What the Truck?
According to Transformers 2 scripter Robert Orci, a lot of rumours about the film on the net are "misinformation", reports TFW2005 . He specifically states that Soundwave will not be a pick up truck, though does not rule out that he will be a truck of some kind.

Multiple Watchmen Endings
Comic Book Resources reckons that multiple endings have been filmed for Watchmen, each of which will be tried out on test audiences. And while we on the subject of Watchmen, here’s the sneak preview that was shown at Spike TV’s Scream Awards on Tuesday...

Clone Wars Hits Big
The latest incarnation of Star Wars, the 3D animated Clone Wars TV series, has reached more than 27 million people through TV and internet streaming, reports Business Wire . The series starts in the UK this Saturday, at 5.30pm on Sky Movies Premiere. As well watching on the US Cartoon Network, North American viewers can catch it on Star, and iTunes.

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