Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Fox Ponders More X-Men Movies
According to an article in Variety Fox is considering a slew of Marvel-inspired projects. "Fox will mull the possibility of more "X-Men" spinoffs, including a young-X-Men project as well as Deadpool, based on a character played by Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine. The studio is even considering reviving the Daredevil property.” But when is someone going to remake Howard the Duck?

Robbie Williams Goes Alien Hunting
Forget angels. Looks like Robbie Williams is loving aliens instead, now. reports that he’s not only become a ufologist, but he’s also written a song called Arizona, about alien abduction. Apparently, he also had a close encounter of the spooky kind shortly after writing the song.

Ninja Turtles, Yes or No?
So will there be another live action Ninja Turtles movies? Earlier in the month Turtles creator Kevin Eastman caused controversy when he claimed on-line that there was – with the Turtles once again played by men in suits – in a statement that was later removed from the site. Now, MTV’s Splash Page section has gone straight to the horse’s mouth – the owner of the property and the Turtles’ main man, co-creator Peter Laird – to discover what’s going on. Apparently, there have been discussions about another Turtles movie, which would be a live action/CG hybrid. He also says that he would like to see Sarah Michelle Gellar – who voiced April in the CG animated movie – appear in the flesh this time.