Wednesday Link-a-Mania

Clash of the Titans Will Be Faithful, says Director
French film site is carrying a video interview (thankfully with English subtitles) with Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier in which he talks about his plans for the Clash of the Titans remake. He says that he will remain very loyal to the original and that it will be a huge homage to stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen: "He's still alive and will be part of the film.” Leterrier also denies reports that it will be shot in the style of 300, stating that it will be photorealistic. He also stresses that this film will deliver on the promise of its title: "In the original there was no 'clash of the Titans'. Now you will see 'the clash of the Titans'." He suggests that it could be the first part of a Greek mythology franchise.

Mummy Director to Bring Terry Brooks Novel to Screen
Mummy and Van Helsing director Stephen Sommers, is planning a big screen adaptation of author Terry Brooks’s Magic Kingdom For Sale, reports Sci Fi Wire . Producer Bob Ducsay told journalists at a press launch for Mummy 3, "I would say there's nothing that we have in development that we are more interested in making than Magic Kingdom. We actually think that we have a very strong screenplay. We're trying very hard to get the movie made. I mean, it's complicated to get any movie made. Magic Kingdom is a very expensive movie. Lots of digital work. But the bottom line is, the studio [Universal] actually likes the movie a great deal. So it's not like it's a complete uphill battle. It's just hard to get movies made." The book is about a man who buys a magic Kingdom only to discover that the place is in total disarray.

Children of the Lamp
Dreamworks is prepping a movie adaptation of the children's fantasy series of novels, Children of the Lamp, about a family of Djinn who disguise themselves as humans. According to The Hollywood Reporter the project will be produced by Nina Jacobson, who's had a bit of a Midas touch recently overseeing hits like The Princess Diaries, The Chronicles of Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean while president of Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group.

Is Keanu Really Plastic?
This could all be a case of Chinese whispers, but CHUD has a story, based on information from a reader who heard a Joel Silver interview on German radio, that Keanu Reeves is set to play stretchy superhero Plastic Man in a film to be directed by the Wachowski Brothers. We're just wondering – does Germany have its own version of April Fool’s Day?