Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Game Of Thrones , Guardians Of The Galaxy , Doctor Who , Joe Hill’s Horns and Vertigo are all hitting the news today!

Variety confirms Game of Thrones has, unsurprisingly, been renewed for two more seasons. The return of the series to HBO on Sunday attracted the largest audience to the channel since The Sopranos finale back in 2007. DB Weiss, show co-creator, mentioned in last month's Vanity Fair that he hopes the show will run its course over a total of seven or eight seasons - which means we are almost half way through. George RR Martin better hurry up and pen the final two books!

• Marvel has released an all-new clip via MTV of up and coming film, Guardians of the Galaxy . The clip extends the original trailer and reveals how Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) escapes his predicament... Nathan Fillion has also teased a possible role in the blockbuster, set to be released this summer. Fillion is no stranger to Guardians director James Gunn (they worked together on Slither and Super ) and at a Firefly panel at St Louis Comic Con answered an excited fan’s question whether he was wanting to be in Guardians with a cryptic “Wanting to? Or maybe, did?” It may just be a cheeky rumour spread by the actor, but cross your fingers and check the credits!

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• The film adaptation of Joe Hill’s Horns has received a UK release date. The dark fantasy thriller will star Daniel Radcliffe and is set for release this Halloween in the UK. source: Nerdist )

• According to Yahoo! Doctor Who has been approved for viewing in North Korea - bizarrely on the country’s highly censored, state-controlled TV channel. Perhaps dickie-bows are set to be the next Korean fashion trend?

• David Goyer is to produce a big screen adaptation of Vertigo’s Federal Bureau of Physics . The scribe of Man of Steel and the Dark Knight trilogy has teamed up with Warner Bros and Jungle Book writer, Justin Marks to bring the comic book series to life. The comic series by Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez brings us a world where the laws of physics are so commonly disturbed that a wormhole is as routine as a sudden shower. Sounds like a good basis for sci-fi adventure! (source: Deadline )

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