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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

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Dredd Rated R

Upcoming Karl Urban-starring reboot Dredd has been given an R Rating in the US for “strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content.” Fans of 2000AD ’s finest Judge will no doubt be pleased to hear that the adult nature of life in Mega-City One looks set to transfer to the big screen.

Via Box Office Mojo

Spidey Sequel In The Works

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A sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man is already in the works despite the fact that it’s not in cinemas until July. Sony has recruited Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the writing team behind Star Trek and Transformers , to pen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 . James Vanderbilt - who wrote the screenplay for the first reboot - has already drafted a sequel but is currently committed to Sony’s White House Down .

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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Pegg Teases World's En d

Simon Pegg tweeted a cover image of the second draft of The World’s End , the long-awaited third instalment of the Blood And Ice Cream trilogy. Written with Edgar Wright, it will round off the series that included films Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007), and is slated for a 2014 release.

Via Twitter

Axe Cop Can't Be Stopped

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Fox has snapped up the rights to Axe Cop , the hugely popular comic written by Ethan Nicolle and his pre-teen brother Malachai. Originally a webcomic before being published by Dark Horse, the series has also been made into a motion comic, which in turn caught the eye of Fox, which has ordered six fifteen minute episodes of the show to air in 2013.

Via Variety

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Rodriguez For Fire And Ice

Robert Rodriguez has indicated that he will begin production on his remake of Frank Frazetta’s 1983 fantasy Fire And Ice as soon as Sin City 2 wraps. “For Frazetta fans, this will be the ultimate tribute” says Rodriguez.

Via Hollywood Reporter

Snow White Roll Call

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A new TV spot for upcoming epic Snow White And The Huntsman has been released which gives a fuller role call of all the main players. Starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, Snow White And The Huntsman is set for a 1 June debut.

Via ComingSoon

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Tons Of Disney CinemaCon Goodness

Disney made a splash with several announcements at CinemaCon 2012. First up, Pixar confirmed an animated movie based around the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos with Toy Story 3 Lee Unkrich in the director’s chair, and named its 2013 dino feature The Good Dinosaur . Also on show was the first footage from the upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful , as well as 30 minutes from Brave . Johnny Depp was on hand to provide The Lone Ranger news, confirming that Jack White will write the soundtrack.

Via Hollywood Reporter

Resident Evil Creator Names New Project

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Shinji Mikami has revealed that he is working on a new survival-horror game title, Zwei . The renowned creator of Resident Evil stated that this will be his last project as Game Director. Zwei will be developed at Tango Gameworks, the studio founded by Mikami and owned by Zenimax, the parent company of Bethesda.


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