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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Sleeping Beauty , The Muppets , Fraggle Rock , The Avengers , Thor , Oblivion (or maybe Horizon ), Pirates Of The Caribbean 4

True Grit Starlet For Sleeping Beauty ?
Deadline is reporting that 14-year-old Oscar-nominee Hailee ( True Grit ) Steinfeld is attached to star in a Sleeping Beauty film adaptation that’s currently being shopped around various Hollywood studios. Written by Lindsay Devlin, it retells the classic fairy tale from the Princess’s point of view. Which may sound a little dull since she spends most of the story asleep, but here comes the twist: we follow her into her dream world, from which she has to try to escape. This isn’t the only Sleeping Beauty project bubbling away in Hollywood at the moment: Disney is developing Tim Burton’ Maleficent , which tells the tale from the witch’s point of view.

Pirates 3 Mermaid Poster
Disney really is flooding the internet with this stuff…