Videolink SFX175

A mad Japanese TV commercial, some fans' musical tributes to some sci-fi greats, a fantastic bit of digital film manipulation and a mashup of two very different movies...

Power Rangers commercial

A bonkers Japanese TV commercial featuring a bespectacled office worker being chased around Tokyo by an ever-growing crowd of Power Rangers. Try not to look at the video title on YouTube and guess what it's advertising… Link

A Capella Battlestar Galactica theme

One bloke, four vocal recordings - a fan performs his own, a capella rendition of the Battlestar Galactica opening theme. Not quite on key all the way through, but you have to admire the effort in creating something like this. Link

Death Star over San Francisco

A fantastically well-made bit of film, this: various bits of random footage around San Francisco with the Death Star, and assorted other Imperial space craft, very smoothly superimposed onto the scenery. Link

Predator rap

A seriously impressive rap-based summary of Predator, cleverly sampling the original movie's score and dialogue and mixing it with an extremely well-written and well-performed original rap. Awesome. Link

I Am Legend/Home Alone

To quote the site where we found this video, who knew Robert Neville and Kevin McAllister had so much in common? Footage from Home Alone cut together brilliantly with the sound from the I Am Legend trailer. Link

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