Videolink SFX171

This month we've got more Sweding, more Portal-based goodness, and the most interesting use of letters we've ever seen:

The Empire Strikes Back: Sweded

Be Kind, Rewind has inspired “sweded” amateur interpretations of famous films. To follow on from last issue’s version of A New Hope, here’s The Empire Strikes Back. Link

Iron Man Trailer To Become Movie

Comedy masters The Onion deliver this mock report putting a spin on fans’ fears about film adaps. Can the Iron Man movie live up to the quality of the popular trailer? Link

Film Scenes Recreated With Typography

Film scenes re-enacted using letters – way cooler than it sounds. V for Vendetta’s the best of the genre vids on the page, but do check out Fight Club and Kill Bill too. Link

The Device Has Been Modified

There are several music vids set to Victims of Science’s funky Portal-inspired techno track, but we
like this ’un, about GLaDOS being installed in a Mechanostrider from World of Warcraft. Link

Star Trek Voyager vs Baywatch

A mock title sequence for Voyager, done in the style of Baywatch. It’s got Kate Mulgrew running in slow motion and everything! And Neelix doing a little boogie. Hey, we chortled. Link

Check out last issue's videos here .