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Videogame franchises founded on boobs

Of course, we considered many more games for the video that didn’t make the cut for one reason or another. If you love J-imports, pixel-boobies, or are just fascinated by videogame oddities, these are worth checking out.

Darkstalkers series

Darkstalkers is second only to Final Fantasy as an object of Japanophilic cosplaying figurine collector worship. While the character design in immensely cool, some of the fan art is downright disturbing.

Asuka 120% Excellent series

This ridiculously fast and exceedingly difficult Japanese fighting franchise features unnaturally sexualized upper-crust high school girls wailing on each other in the "Club Rivalry Budget Contest Mega Fight." Can you do better?

The Oneechanbara

This one is coming to America soon, but it’s been a staple of Japanese gaming for years. The hook: a stripper and her little sister mass murder a horde of zombies. Win!

The Love series

The Love Upper, which you see in the above video, came out in the UK as Heartbeat Boxing but never saw a US release. The Love series, published by D3 in Japan, has a little something for everyone. If boxing isn’t your cup of tea, try Love Ping Pong, Love Aerobics or Love Mah Jong. These ladies aim to please.

Feb 6, 2009

Hotter than pr0n? You be the judge

Which console gives you the most bounce for your buck?

…or does the dialog just sound like one?