Videogame franchises founded on boobs

Fear Effect series

The sexiest lesbian heroines ever to appear on PlayStation

SiN series

Elexis’ sizzling flesh seared many an eyeball in SiN: Episodes – nine were planned, but only one ever shipped

Rumble Roses series

The all-female wrestling franchise actually had decent fight mechanics, not like anyone noticed

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance series

This snoozy action-RPG series was enlivened by running around with no armor on

Champions of Norrath series

The Everquest console spinoff used sexy to sell the world TWO MORE Diablo clones

Leisure Suit Larry series

Larry’s been a hit with the ladies since most of you were in diapers

Big Mutha Truckers series

Mizz Duke dun got hersef inna bucket a’ syrup this time

Outlaw sports series

Whether the game is volleyball, golf or tennis, you can quadruple your fun with big boobs mode

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