Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 5)

There are currently three schools of crafting in Vanguard, although, in arecent interview with fansite Vanguard Stratics, Salim has hinted that there may be a fourth. Here's a list of the trades you can pick up during your career as a craftsperson (we threw the fourth in because it's so exciting):

Blacksmith: The weapons and heavy armor guy, the Blacksmith works with metals and ores. The skills of this school are also required in the creation of parts for ships and houses.

Artificer: Working with both stone and wood, the Artificer can assemble resistance-boosting jewelery, furniture for dwellings, wooden weapons (like staves) and is the primary go-to person for building ships and houses.

Outfitter: This school is responsible for making light armor, horse accessories and bags. The Outfitter can also fashion social clothing to boost diplomacy skills and is allowed some ability to customize the color of this clothing.

Alchemist: Not yet finalized for launch, the Alchemist is Salim's personal favorite and is receiving special treatment so that even if this school is not ready by the time Vanguard is released, it should arrive shortly afterwards. The Alchemist is your basic potion mixer, but Salim and his team are looking very deeply into transmutation (magically altering one substance to become another, like iron to gold).