Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 2)

Protective Fighters:

  • Dread Knight - A heavily armored bruiser capable of using most swords, axes and other melee weapons, the Dread Knight relies on their "Dreadful Countenance" to frighten and confuse their enemies. Decidedly darker and more menacing than the other Protective Fighters, the Dread Knight has some crowd control abilities like a prolonged stun that puts a foe out of combat for some time.
  • Paladin - Burly zealots that augment their physical battle prowess with their unyielding faith and commitment. Paladins can take advantage of "Gifts of Virtue" - powers that provide superhuman bonuses or support fellow players. Paladins become enraged when their comrades are harmed and many of their abilities revolve around violent retribution incurred by injuring their friends.
  • Warrior - The classic rough-and-tumble brawler that seeks no more complexity than crushing targets with sheer brute strength, a Warrior is a damage-centric Protective Fighter with a number of stances to adapt to different combat situations. Warriors also enjoy extensive attack chains featuring multiple opening strikes and continuing bridge attacks to string together moves.