Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 2)

Offensive Fighters:

  • Bard - Bards can learn and even create songs that augment their party's abilities and demoralize their enemies. Employing ranged throwing knives to dish out damage at a distance, Bards can string different melodies together to produce a variety of beneficial or detrimental effects from their songs.
  • Ranger - Rangers are the lone mountain men (or women) that walk silently and mysteriously with nature. A blend of ranged, melee and stealth, the Ranger makes an excellent class for solo play, but can also come in handy in a group by using powerful abilities like purging teammates of poisons.
  • Monk - An expert of martial arts, the Monk fights up close with his enemies in order to take advantage of his library of stuns and attacks that throw foes off balance. Monks are excellent melee combatants and work well in groups by opening up weaknesses in opponents' defenses.
  • Rogue - Rogues remain hidden in the shadows, lurking until the moment that they can dish out a huge amount of damage. Focusing mostly on the close fighting game, Rogues favor melee weapons - especially as Vanguard does not necessarily require a Rogue pop out of stealth when attacking. While hidden, Rogues are considered to be "stalking" their prey and receive bonuses to their opening attacks the longer they watch and wait.