Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - Special Report (Day 2)


  • Blood Mage - Drawing on powerful blood magic, the Blood Mage can manipulate the life energies of both themselves and their foes to heal or destroy. Enhancing the health and stamina of members of their party, Blood Mages can also induce horrifying plagues on their enemies through their spells.
  • Cleric - A more healing oriented version of their tankish cousins the Paladins, Clerics are allowed to don heavy plate armor and wield blunt weapons like maces and hammers. While potent adversaries in battle, their main focuses are healing and buffing their fellows.
  • Shaman - By binding their spirits with a patron totem, Shamen are a balanced casting class that can both heal and deal damage. After embarking on a vision quest, Shamen will funnel spiritual energies from one of three totem spirits: Tuurgin the Bear (mostly battle specialized), Rakurr the Wolf (both battle and casting) or Hayatet the Phoenix (casting specialized).
  • Disciple - A master of martial arts, the Disciple can use focused Chi energy to heal their party members. While not the most devastating combatants, their ability to reflect the damage of offensive attacks makes them a force to reckon with. (It bears mentioning that this is the current favorite class around the Sigil offices.)