Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Pushing ahead to the station's locker room, we meet our first medic, Jane Delaney. She hooks us up with a medkit and we follow her to the lockers, where a handful of cops are trading shots with Burners from behind a barricade. As we take aim at some more punks, a cop yells something at us and is immediately killed when another garbage truck slams through the wall behind him.

We gun down a few more baddies - including a couple wielding shotguns, which we snag - and open the next door. The camera rapidly pans down the hall, showing us a police officer shooting at some shirtless, scarred thug we're told is a gang leader we have to arrest. Some lesser punk stands in our way, but he's not enough to stop us from walking toward his boss, shield up, and giving him an electric nightcap. A couple more punks pop up on the balcony above, and we let them have it with both barrels of our shotgun.

Charging through the next set of doors, we're motioned over by a cop on a staircase. One of his pals is being held hostage in the station's cellblock by a gang brute named Estevez, and naturally it's up to us to set him free.

On the way to him, a couple of incarcerated Burners call us salty names. We can't shoot them, because it'll mean a mission failure for "excessive force." But a quick shield bash sends them running and gets us off with a warning. It's good to be a fascist.