Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Once the lot's clear, our sergeant - a raspy guy named Wolf - orders us to follow him down into the motor pool. The Burners are already there, standing on cars and balconies and tossing Molotovs at a few pinned-down cops. We take them out with headshots and duck into an adjacent supply room, where we grab the indestructible riot shield that's going to save our ass for the rest of the game.

Just as Wolf finishes telling us the finer points of shield bashing, another couple of goons leap into the hall after us. The first one gets slammed with the shield, and the second gets zapped in the face by our stun gun.

Once the punks are down, we're ordered back to the parking lot, where a firefighter named Doug is waiting for us. Doug chops down a locked door as we keep thugs off his back, and then he tells us how to order him around. With a simple press on the d-pad, we can tell him (or any other firefighter) to destroy any doors, debris or fires that might be blocking our way.

We run into a dark room, and Doug tells us to whip out our flashlight, which reveals a bunch of giant, steaming boilers. Naturally, they're belching jets of blue fire, which we're able to squeeze past using our shield. As we get close to the shutoff valve for the jets, some jerk with a cleaver jumps out in front of us and we pop him in the head.