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Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Thursday 4 May 2006
With its satisfying combat and clever gameplay ideas, Urban Chaos: Riot Response is our bet for sleeper hit of the year. We've already bashed heads in the single-player mode, but when Eidos offered us the chance to try the gang-war action online we dusted off our truncheons and waded back into the fray.

Urban Chaos's multiplayer modes are eight-player skirmishes between the hi-tech riot response team, T-Zero, and a gang of molotov-obsessed bad guys, the Burners. There are three match modes, each with a trio of maps specifically tailored to that match type.

Riot mode pits the T-Zero team against an attacking force of Burners who must destroy a series of T-Zero troop trucks within a time limit. With each truck destroyed, T-Zero's team loses a spawn point, pushing them further back into the level, and killed Burners spawn that much closer to the action.

Hostage rescue is exactly that - another timed match, with T-Zero needing to rescue a number of hostages. Finally, the third match type sees teams battling it out over a particular area of the map - once a team is in control, a timer counts down until the winning team holds on long enough to zero the timer.