The upcoming PS4 games for 2018 and beyond

Psychonauts 2

Release date: TBA   Genre: Platformer

What is it? Crowd-funded sequel to one of the most beloved cult games ever, picking up after Razputin makes it to the Psychonauts headquarters.

Why it's so interesting: Tim Schafer has a habit of crafting great adventures and Psychonauts is one of the best games you’ve (probably) never played. That’s something you can rectify immediately as it has been re-released on PS4. We can’t wait for the sequel, where you’ll presumably be diving into the minds of all sorts of new characters as well as learning new PSI abilities to help you unravel emotional turmoil and uncover any evil plots. Expecting great things.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Release date: TBA   Genre: JRPG

What is it? Remember that time in 1997 when you cried a lot because of what happened to Aerith? Get ready for that again, but with better graphics.

Why it's so interesting: After decades of false rumours, developer denials, and harsh trolls, one of the most highly anticipated game remakes has been announced. Sony showed Final Fantasy 7 Remake off at its press conference at back at E3 2015, and only a few details have escaped since. What is known is that it'll be more action based than the original (much to some purists' dismay) and that it'll come out in several instalments, which makes sense when you think about just how huge FF7 is and how many discs it first came out on...

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Death Stranding

Release date: TBA   Genre: Your guess is as good as ours 

What is it? Kojima and Norman Reedus team up for an interesting and mysterious collaboration in Death Stranding, involving babies and beached whales.

Why it's so interesting: Sure we don't have any actual gameplay yet but we do have plenty of 'in engine' footage of exactly what happens when Hideo Kojima gets to play in a mo-cap studio with Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. Death Stranding is, incredibly, still largely a mystery - remember when Kojjima was talking about sticks? - but thanks to last year's Game Awards we know there are babies, invisible creatures, sentient AI, and that Reedus plays a man called Sam. Best to check out our trailer breakdown to get the full lowdown on exactly what Kojima is cooking up for this PS4 exclusive. 

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Darksiders 3

Release date: TBC   Genre: Action-adventure 

What is it? An open-world adventure game where you play as Fury, an anti-hero who operates in the apocalyptic ruins of earth. 

Why it's so interesting: Aside from the fact Darksiders 3 exists? We assumed the Darksiders franchise was dead after THQ went bankrupt, but Nordic Games has revived it for PS4. During the story Fury will be fighting against physical manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins, and it'll be an open-world adventure game will Zelda-like dungeons. Expect to get special powers and moves to upgrade your Fury, and to be solving puzzles in each of the dungeons you visit. If you played the original games this will feel very familiar. 

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Shenmue 3

Release date: TBA   Genre: Adventure 

What is it? Part crowd-funded, part Sony financed follow up to the expensive Dreamcast games that basically bankrupted the console.  

Why it's so interesting: That Shenmue 3 isn't just vapourware is perhaps the most intriguing thing about it. There's clearly still a lot of love for Ryo and his insatiable hunger for seamen, as the game was crowd-funded hours after being re-revealed at E3 2015. Beyond that - and a few screens of characters and fancy fields - we know nothing about the game.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2

Release date: TBA  Genre: Action-adventure

What is it? Long awaited sequel to the 2003 game, set in an alien world where animals are fully evolved alongside humans 

Why it's so interesting: Because we've waited 15 years for it! Ubisoft revealed the game at E3 2017, and showed loads more at E3 2018. The trailers showed a hugely different visual style to the original game (to be expected), and a different cast of hero characters and themes, although we see Pey'j in the latest trailer and a very evil Jade, who appears to have become the big-bad. This probably won't even make 2019, such is its ambition, but we do know that production on the game is in full swing, with Ubisoft even inviting the general public to create art that will be featured in the final product.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Release date: TBA  Genre: Action-RPG

What is it? A new game from CD Projekt Red, the creators of the hugely successful Witcher series.

Why it's so interesting: The first trailer from Cyberpunk 2077 was the absolute highlight of E3 2018. This first-person RPG places a heavy emphasis on personal modding and action, and while it's still as deep an RPG as you'd expect, it's way more action-heavy than CD Projekt's previous game, The Witcher 3. One gameplay example we've seen is that you can shoot through enemies while hacking their weaponry with your mind, and scanning the environment with visual enhancements. Everything looks gorgeous in-game, and there's a real distinct look to everything, with the inhabitants of the city ranging from barely enhanced humans to outlandishly modified gangsters and technologically advanced drones. This is going to be huge.

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Ghost of Tsushima

Release date: TBA 2019  Genre: Open-world adventure.

What is it? An open-world samurai game from the developer of Infamous.

Why it's so interesting: For us, Ghost of Tsushima was a highlight from Sony's bizarre E3 2018 press conference. We saw central character, Jin, taking on several Mongol enemies while his village burned from their attack in 1274 Japan. It looks utterly stunning, with leaves falling delicately from trees, and a glowing sunset burning in the background. We also see horse-riding, stealth, and some sword-play, which looks more like the kind of tactical fighting you'd expect from For Honor, rather than a quick and simple hack and slash. The E3 demo finishes with a 'boss fight' of sorts, as Jin's closest ally turns on him, and we really see the action in full flow, with swipes, parries, and so much back and forth swordplay. 

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Spelunky 2

Release date: TBA   Genre: Roguelike platformer

What is it? The surprise sequel to 2013’s surprise breakout platform hit, set a generation later and promising a whole bunch of new ways to get obsessed.

Why it's so interesting: Because the 2013 Spelunky (itself based on a 2008 freeware game), with its permadeath, randomly generated levels, raft of loot and secrets, and spiralling, experimental depths, made for a heck of a gratifying, cleverly compulsive, long-term game. Its high stakes and anything-can-happen nature also gave the streaming scene a huge shot in the arm early on, and ensured a mammoth amount of replay value. The sequel will surely only build on all of that while, if the trailer’s lines can be accurately read between, possibly taking us to the undersurface of the moon.

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