The upcoming PS4 games for 2018 and beyond

Metro Exodus

Release date: TBA 2018   Genre: Action/horror RPG 

What is it? A return to the apocalyptically dangerous wasteland of Russia, complete with mutated rodents, scarce resources, and this time a giant train chugging along the tracks. 

Why it's so interesting: The return to 4A Game's notoriously brutal world is a welcome one, as this time the landscape is looking remarkably colourful. Well, for a wasteland, that is. There's the return of the trademark low-tech clipboard for a quest menu, but the most interesting bit is that it looks like you're going to be travelling around above ground this time instead of sticking to the sewers. Thanks to the train rumbling down the tracks, you'll get to see more of the country and will probably be sent on supply runs for the locomotive. It looks like a welcome change of pace, and we can't wait to see what Metro is like this time around. 

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Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: TBA 2018   Genre: Action-adventure 

What is it? Insomniac's fresh take on the famous web-slinger.

Why it's so interesting: It's been some time since we've seen a promising Spider-Man game in the works, but the web-slinger's next title is a PS4 exclusive being created by none other than the Ratchet and Clank developer Insomniac. You can web-sling through the city, rip criminals from their getaway cars, and even skilfully manoeuvre through interior spaces with the superhuman agility the webhead is known for. Throw in Miles Morales into the mix, a potentially playable Mary Jane and some seriously explosive set pieces and we are very very ready for whatever Insomniac is up to. 

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The Last of Us 2

Release date: TBA   Genre: Horror

What is it? The sequel from Naughty Dog to the phenomenal The Last of Us which sees you battle fungi-infected zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

Why it's so interesting: Because the world is split as to whether The Last of Us ever needed a sequel in the first place. Of course there was plenty of apocalypse still to tell the story of but did we need to see what Joel and Ellie did next? Well we're about to find out and it's probably not going to be pretty. Confirmed to take place partly in Seattle, The Last of Us part 2 hasn't revealed much story but plenty of brutal violence as humanity attempts to survive, five years after Joel and Ellie's original outing. In case you hadn't worked it out. Survival isn't easy and empathy looks like it's at an all time low. Expect to be sad at some point in 2019. 

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Days Gone

Release date: TBA   Genre: Horror/Action-adventure

What is it? With the world seemingly in ruins, it's time to avoid hordes of Freakers. Yes, they can run. 

Why it's so interesting: Zombie games might be a dime a dozen at this point, but Days Gone, Sony Bend Studio's open-world, post-apocalyptic third-person adventure, treats the not-quite-dead a bit differently. Squeezing into drifter Deacon St. John’s boots, you’re attempting to live out the end of the world on the dangerous open road. You have to learn how to manage a swarm of infected called Freakers - who aren't actually dead - if you want to survive. These disgusting creatures flood through the environment, forcing you to run for your life, pulling down objects in the environment to slow their charge. While you can shoot a machine gun or toss a grenade into the crowd, your ammo reserves won't last forever, so you'll need to come up with more creative ways to overcome the swarm. 

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Skull and Bones

Release date: TBA 2018   Genre: Pirate ship sim 

What is it? The naval combat sections of Assassin's Creed Black Flag, minus the stabby hooded free-running.

Why it's so interesting: Because it's the naval combat sections of Assassin's Creed Black Flag, minus the stabby hooded free-running. If your favourite part of Edward Kenway's floating adventures were peppering ships with mortars and watching masts crumble into matchsticks, welcome to Skull and Bones. Ubisoft knows how much you like big boats and has acted accordingly, throwing multiplayer into the mix and letting you take on your friends who all have lootable ships. Take them down in a hail of canon fire and you can steal their gold and unlock bigger targets. This is one worth walking the plank for.  

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Release date: 2019   Genre: FPS 

What is it? Part-Destiny and part-Titanfall 2, Anthem sees you whizz around a planet in an exosuit, shooting anything that comes your way. With your buddies in tow. Aww. 

Why it's so interesting: 2017 has already had some outstanding IPs, but there are sure as hell a lot of sequels. Anthem, however, is proof that there's still the demand for something new. It looks beautiful, with lush exotic forests filled with things to shoot at, giving you (a Freelancer) plenty to find when you venture beyond the wall that protects the last vestiges of civilisation. Decked out in your exosuit, otherwise known as a Javelin, you can alter your playstyle and combat type by switching them out every now and again like Warframe. Our hopes are high for Anthem, and we're keeping our fingers crossed. 

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