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50 upcoming PC games for 2014 and beyond

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Release date: 2015

Is it really over? Metal Gear fans asked one another after the release of Guns of the Patriots. Sure, everything seemed pretty conclusive: conspiracies were lifted, questions were answered, and our favorite clone was ready to ride off into the sunset. Time for Kojima to move on with his creative liferight?

What fools we were. Theres plenty of unexplored events before Solid Snake even hit the scene, so its no surprise that MGS V The Phantom Pain returns to Big Boss past for another adventure. This will be the first Metal Gear to have an open world, and the new engine has the world looking better than ever. As if we needed another reason to dive back in.


Release date: 2015 [Pre-Order it on Amazon]

Evolve has walked a long and tumultuous road, dealing with the fall of THQ and the transfer to 2K Studios, but now the games path is clear: this multiplayer shooter from the minds behind Left 4 Dead could change the way we approach multiplayer, with a new 4-on-1 format that pits four soldiers against one very angry monster.

Each of the four soldiers falls into a certain class, like Assault and Medic, but the real treat is experiencing the monster first-hand. The monster must feed on local wildlife to power through its three distinct stages, all while trying to eliminate the opposing team or destroy a certain landmark on the map. There are so many factors to consider in one match its almost overwhelming, but its nothing we cant handle. Evolve is shaping up to be a monster of a game.

Mortal Kombat X

Release Date: 2015 [Pre-order now on Amazon]

Were rational people. Wed never see someone on the street and try to slice them open just to revel in the blood, guts, and organs that would slide out of their soft, vulnerable bodies. That kind of behavior just isnt acceptable, especially not in public. But sometimes, when were alone at night and far away from the judging eyes of basic human decency, we think about it. We want it. We crave it.

2015 will be a great year to satisfy our cravings once more with the latest Mortal Kombat hitting real and digital shelves. Along with continuing the reboots surprisingly competent story mode, MK X will introduce new fighters, enhanced stages, fighting props, and, in a series first, three different movesets for each character. Oh, and all the nasty fatalities we could ever want. Mmmmmm

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Release date: February 24, 2015 [Pre-Order it on Amazon]

The saga of Geralt of Rivia ends with a Wild Hunt in the Witcher 3, due out before the end of the year. This final chapter looks to be the biggest one for Geralt, as CD Projekt Red is boasting a huge, multi-region open world, a non-linear story with plenty of choices to make, and a new take on combat that were sure will become familiar fast, as Geralt cant go anywhere without having to draw his sword.

Weve always admired The Witchers mature take on storytelling, and were looking forward to being told another magnificent story in Wild Hunt. Were not sure how this tale will end, but we know two things to be sure: well enjoy every bit of it and we wont want it to ever end.

Dying Light

Release date: February 2015 [Pre-Order it on Amazon]

Techland has always had a way with zombies. The two Dead Island games, even with their glitches and bugs, put the undead right up in our faces, grasping and clawing and snarling like the disgusting monsters they are. We hadnt seen anything like that before, and after Riptide, we didnt think wed see it again.

Now, Techland has partnered with Warner Bros for a new type of zombie survival game, Dying Light. This time around, nightfall is NOT your friend, as these zombies turn from shambling monsters into undead killing machines. Of course, the supplies you need are far enough away that night will come while youre out getting them, but thats the beauty of Dying Light. Do we risk our lives for that supply drop, or do we live to fight another day?

Battlefield Hardline

Release date: March 31, 2015

Much like the Battlefield expansions of old, Hardline builds on the fourth installments framework with a new setting and scenario. Outlaws armed well-enough to make you question the first amendment mowed down in droves by equally outfitted police squads for a couple million bucks--just another day, right?


Release date: TBA

Whats the only thing more fun than playing a dungeon crawler cooperatively with friends? Fighting against them, taunting them, betraying them, murdering them, and all of the other activities that would be considered griefing in a normal game. Call us sick, but theres nothing quite like the knowledge that youve transformed a previously well-adjusted party into a pack of raging, distrustful animals.

Shadowrealms lets us partake in this age old pastime, but makes it all a part of the gameplay so we dont feel guilty afterward. While four RPG adventurers enter the dungeon as per usual, one player, the appropriately named Shadowlord, gets to trigger traps, unleash minions, infiltrate the party, and generally spread mayhem amongst the unsuspecting party. Lets just hope that our former buddies arent the resentful type.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Release date: 2015 [Pre-Order it on Amazon]

Rocksteady is taking back the helm of the Batman Arkham franchise, looking to wrap things up with Batman: Arkham Knight, and we couldnt be happier. Weve only heard a few things about the next Batman game, but already were hungry for more. E3 cant come soon enough.

First, the Arkham Knight in the title represents a brand new, completely original villain making his debut, which leads us to wonder just who that person may be. Second, the Batmobile makes its triumphant debut to the series, able to track Batman wherever he is and position itself so he can jump in and go. Finally, the Scarecrow gets his turn as the main villain, hopefully bringing back some of those excellent hallucination scenes from Arkham Asylum. We cant wait for more Batman, and we hope we dont have to wait very long.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Release date: January 27, 2015

We can think of few gaming experiences more over the top than Saints Row. The last entry featured alien invaders, super powers, digital simulations, explosions (of course), and our very own Boss being elected president. Were not sure anything can surpass that much craziness, but it seems like a quick trip down to Hell could very well match it.

With the Boss kidnapped by Satan himself, its up to Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington to, ahem, raise some Hell and get him back. What weve seen involved a new city, angel wings for rapid transportation, and a slew of insane weaponry inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins--more than enough for us to take a bite of this discount expansion.

Mad Max

Release date: 2015 [Pre-Order it on Amazon]

Some of you may say that the post-apocalyptic setting has been way overused, with games like Fallout setting the bar too high for any other game to achieve. Well, while we see your point, Mad Max was roaming the wastelands far before you had to decide whether to blow up Megaton or not. We thought Mad Max would make a terrific video game; now well get to see it in action.

This post-apocalypse party will feature third-person action and vehicular combat, as Max can collect parts to upgrade his car and use it against bandits in the wastes. Part third-person action, part Twisted Metal? We dont see a damn thing wrong with that, so get ready to fight in more ways than one in Mad Maxwhenever it comes out.